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La tavola periodica del Content Marketing (scarica gratis l’infografica)

Dopo la SEO e Google Analytics, è giunto il momento del Content Marketing. Ultimamente le tavole periodiche sono davvero di moda per fornire una panoramica (quasi completa) di importanti settori del digital marketing. Chris Lake ha da poco rilasciato la prima versione della sua tavola, in realtà un’infografica orizzontale pubblicata dal  Econsultancy. La Tavola Periodica del Content Marketing, di Chris Lake –… Read More »

The periodic table of Content Marketing: free infographic download

YAPT! (=Yet Another Periodic Table!) After SEO and Google Analytics, it is time for Content Marketing. Recently periodic tables have become a very fashionable way to provide an (almost complete) overview of digital topics. Content is king after all – many expert keep on saying – and Chris Lake has just built its periodic table, an interesting infographic published… Read More »

Google Analytics under a chemical perspective: the periodic table (free pdf download)

Can periodic tables be considered infographics? Whatever your answer is, what I am going to present here reminds me of the SEO periodic table published some time ago (and constantly updated). It is an useful overview that can help beginners to spot whatever has not been considered into their work/analysis/knowledge.  Have a look at the elements… Read More »

Event Tracking Automation for Google Tag Manager: downloads, outbound links, email, podcasts

Are you using Google Tag Manager? Great. There’s a way to automate the process of attributing GA Events to ALL your outbound links, downloads, email addresses, even podcasts and phone numbers with no effort, no further scripting needed on your code. Here I will explain how to do it. A huge credit goes to Ryan… Read More »